Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has one million monthly users or an eighth of the world’s population in June 2018. Instagram is a fast-growing web forum for sharing photography. As a creative product, Instagram works to promote products and services in a variety of fields. Ad spending jumped 177 percent in Q2 of this year. The first step towards gathering more followers on Instagram is to convert to a business profile. You see, Instagram is not like Facebook where you can look up a users’ profile quite easily. In the Activity tab, you will find a way to look at page metrics, such as profile visits website clicks, how many people visit your profile.

Instagram works by getting your followers to call, email or get directions to your business. However, Instagram does not allow users to link inside posts. Adding links to Instagram stories gives an audience a way to access different kinds of products and landing pages on your website. Stories are visible, allowing you to gain followers. Adding more followers simply means that you do not need as many privacy controls as you may want to have since you want many to see you.

Hashtags are one way to gather visibility to your Instagram page by using a high posting volume as well as comparing low posting volume at the same time. Running business ads on Instagram is a second way to get more visibility on Instagram. You cannot just tap “Promote” inside the Instagram app, because you will not have access to Custom Audiences. You can run both Instagram advertisements and Facebook advertisements at the same time. You also need to use shopping posts to advertise a product, such as t-shirts, which viewers use to view products, with product names and prices shown once you hit the “Tap to view products” key.

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