Why Is Instagram the Most Popular Social Media Platform in 2019?

Instagram has grown so fast in recent years, it is now the most popular social media platform in 2019. Why is it so popular, and why is it dominating the social media market?

People like photographs — While some people enjoy reading posts and articles, other people do not. Most people, however, love to look at photographs. It is relaxing, many are incredibly interesting or unusual and you do not have to spend much time reading. This is one big reason why Instagram is the most popular social media platform. People like photographs.

Facebook promotes Instagram extensively — Facebook began to promote Instagram as soon as it bought the platform from its original developers. With Facebook not cross promoting it on its own platform, as well as asking people to sign up for the service with their Facebook account, Instagram has quickly gained fans.

Thousands of celebrities take part — Most major celebrities, and a lot of minor ones too, have an Instagram account. As many of them show photographs of their everyday lives, fans love to follow them on Instagram. When they can also comment on their photographs, and possibly get a response, this makes them love the service even more.

Showing off and sharing your own photographs — Instagram is a brilliant way for you to show off your own photography skills, as well as to share them with friends and family.

Now, instead of having to email photographs to your parents or to college friends, you can just upload them to Instagram and everyone can see them in their own timeframes.

Random strangers also end up following your Instagram account, and making comments on your photos. In many instances, this almost makes you feel like a celebrity yourself. Especially if your Instagram account becomes popular. Learn a great about curtidas no instagram come visit our site.